Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miss Indonesia 2009 - KARENINA SUNNY HALIM

A school teacher who does not speak fluent indonesia win of Miss Indonesia
In 5 June 2009 Karenina
Sunny Halim selected as miss indonesia 2009.Women born in Jakarta, 13 June 1986 her name is usually called Nina
Half-bred maiden Indonesia - United States has been through the audition process is very strict, and through the period of quarantine for approximately 2 weeks, from 24 May to 7 June 2009, and through various assessment process to eventually declared the winner as the 32 other finalists.
By the jury, Nina is considered a plus value of the spirit of social life, plus quickness and precise in answering questions-asked question jury.
Nina is a graduate of Christian Home Schooling Vocational Academy. Nina has a diploma degree 6, namely in the field of Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, the Primary Teeching, Economics, Performing Arts, and Music and Arts. This beautiful girl is active in the NGO.
Girls who have the principles of happiness of others above her own happiness is never to be involved down teachers for children of tsunami victims in Aceh. Now, Nina is active teaching in a junior high school in Jakarta.But, this one teacher who does not speak fluent Indonesian. According to the her brother, artist Steve Emmanuel, Nina in his daily life is often speak in English, because Montana has a maternal origin, the United States.
Miss Indonesia title in 2009 fell into the hands of the Kerenina Sunny Halim, finalists origin Jakarta. Installation of crown to be Miss Indonesia in 2008, Sandra Angelia, accompanied Miss World 2008, Ksenia Sukhinova, in the evening peak of Miss Indonesia 2009 election that was held in Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan.
This victory will deliver a representative Nina event in the election of Miss World will be held this year also in Johannesburg, South Africa. I Runner-up Miss India contestant be home by South West, Melati Putri Kusuma Dewi, and Runner-up II is the original Bali, Viviane.

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