Monday, September 14, 2009

5 Things That Can not Hear Men Want from Women

In relationships between men and women there are things that need attention. Apparently, a lot of things that men do not want to hear from the mouth of a woman. They are avoiding it.

I wonder whether the words or sentences from the women who most men avoided. These details.

1. Sentence that says 'I love you as a friend'. It was a very short sentence and was corny. But the phrase sounds like the phrase 'I love you but I do not love you'. Sentence you are like brothers to me did not want to be heard by men from the mouth of a woman.

2. Sentence 'My parents wanted to meet you'. Men are avoiding those words. Sometimes men need special preparation to meet with the parents of his girlfriend.

3. The expression if I fat now? And the woman forced the man to convince them. Men really do not like to talk about weight loss.

4. Men, too lazy to hear the instructions from the woman. Men are not happy with it.

5. Everything to do with the expression comparing your boyfriend with another man. Included with your ex-girlfriend.

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