Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HEALTH INFO : Must Speak During Sex?

How does the atmosphere in the room when you and your partner are making love? Voices sigh or otherwise unique, quiet, quiet? Sound erotic, such as arousal or orgasm, it can be sexual stimulation is psychic. With just hear it, someone can be more stimulated.

However, not all people understand that the sound during lovemaking can play like that. In fact, many people are trying to contain that sound does not appear in action, by reason of shame if you came. This was already the custom in the eastern culture, especially among the women. Some women still consider sex as something very personal.

In fact, according to Susan Block, American sex therapist and founder of the Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences, in his book The 10 Commandments of Pleasure, expressing sexual pleasure with groans and cries of a spoiled little nan highly recommended. Why? Because moans, groans, sighs and groans during sex will get you and your partner to the top of the incredible sensation.

The phrase was also the sound has an influence on yourself and your partner in achieving sexual satisfaction. In addition, sighs and groans and the freedom of expression indicating satisfaction with the couple making love.

The need for sound
In a study published on site, Dr Roy Levin, MD, an expert on biomedical and American seksologis mention that at least four reasons why someone out certain noises during sexual activity. Reasons include:

1. Convey information.
Whether consciously or not, we do sounds when making love to tell the couple about what happens in sexual relationships. We will make a sound to show what we like and do not, would more or less stimulation we receive, as well as before and was orgasm.

2. Increase passion.
The sound of a sexual nature could prove to add excitement, both in your voice and the couple who heard it. Why? Because the more you express with the voice, it can give signals to your partner enjoy sex that he gave, especially the voices before orgasm. And vice versa. If you can stimulate a good partner, and he made a sound or physical movement of control, then you'll be more enthusiastic in action.

3. Adding pleasure.
Or cool amplification hedonik term. According to Levin, the sound of sex can increase the pleasure not because the sound itself, but because of its impact on respiration. When we are very excited and approaching orgasm, typically increases faster voice and deep, or call hyperventilation. This situation itself can deliver a person from a mild euphoria similar to a trance state (the condition of a person cut off relations with the surroundings, or the unconscious).

4. Synchronization system arousal.
By making the sound when making love, we seemed to synchronize the body's arousal system. So, it sounds like a message sent to the entire body with the result of increased arousal in response.

Nevertheless, a sound to express sexual pleasure is not a necessity. Many couples also choose to hold her, even though no concerns will be heard followed by someone else. According to Ian Kerner, sex therapist who is also author of She Comes First, when a woman reaches orgasm, they become more focused on what is being done, and finally able to maximize pleasure. "People who keep quiet during sex was probably getting ready to orgasm. That man often screaming and whimpering was probably just pretending," he said.

How about you? Are you the type who always express sexual pleasure by voice, or the quiet type?