Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Passion Hormones Trigger

As we know, hormones are chemicals produced by the body naturally. Once issued, the hormones in the blood will flow into various cell and tissue specific effects in accordance with their respective functions.

However, behind the impressive function, hormone sometimes be a culprit of the problem. One of them is decreased sexual desire was. Well, if you have been studying various tips to improve or revive an almost sexual passion extinguished. Now it's time to find out what the hormone produced by the body and its influence on your sexuality and your partner.

1. Dopamine
This hormone produced by the brain or central. As a neurotransmitter, or neural transmission importantly, dopamine associated with sexual arousal a person. Neurons that produce dopamine normally would affect a person's perception of the situation around and create a feeling sexy.

Eating chocolate or a handful of snack nuts sometimes can help stabilize blood sugar levels and increase levels of the hormone dopamine, so bring a sense of happiness. In addition, chocolate also can restore your mood, increase stamina, and improve the ability to concentrate (on the couple in front of you).

Arugula (a type of leaf for salad) and spinach are rich in vitamins is also a major component of dopamine-producing hormone. Another way to increase dopamine is by doing challenging activities.

According to Helen Fisher, Ph.D., professor of anthropology, Rutgers University and author of Why We Love, something exciting time with the couple will trigger the production of dopamine and norepinephrine hormones. These hormones will also boost testosterone in the nervous system that increases sexual desire.

2. Serotonin
The hormone, known as the hormone is also produced sedative midbrain and brain stem. Serotonin helps a person achieve satisfaction, including perceived pleasure during orgasm. Together with dopamine, serotonin work increased arousal. In addition, serotonin also helps regulate appetite and sleep patterns, improve mood, and increased pain capabilities.

To make the brain produce these hormones, you are eating enough carbohydrate foods is enough. This will increase triptophan levels in the brain, which in turn will increase the production of serotonin. If necessary, you can take vitamins and minerals to balance the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. Do not forget to stay away from snacks that are too sweet and fried foods that can inhibit the production of serotonin.

3. Oxytocin
Mucus glands, ovaries, and testes are producing this hormone. During orgasm, oxytocin is released and the levels will tend to increase. These hormones will also help the vibration pelvis (pelvic floor) during orgasm. Because it may cause the fabric ties and a stronger love, no wonder this hormone is known as the 'hormone of love'.

This hormone is also the safest tranquilizer. This will be visible after having sex, you and your partner will feel sleepy. If oxytocin come, disturbed sleep is lost.

4. Endorphins
This hormone produced by the brain and spinal nervous system. In addition to helping reduce the pain, endorphins can also reduce depression and the cause of pleasure. Well, the sex is done without coercion, these hormones are released easily into the blood. That is why, the body was light and fun while making love.

As the hormone oxytocin is also increased during sexual intercourse took place, the hormone increases endorphins, too. The higher the level the more endorphins reduce pain that occurs in a person's body. So, if you experience headache or arthritis pain, love and everything will be OK again.

5. Pheromones
Is a chemical that increases sex life of living things. The scientists believe that chemical substances produced by glands armpit brings sexual stimulation signals can be detected-unconsciously-by the opposite sex.

Animals use pheromones to nonverbal communication, deliver chemical signals through the air and also marks his territory. What about humans? Indeed there is no clarity. However, recent studies found that women could sniff out sexual intentions with the smell of men through physical contact.

The main task of hormones produced by the ovaries and the brain was adjust ovulation. However, this hormone also plays an important role in making women (and even men), was stimulated.

This hormone also stimulates the release of dopamine. Psst, while female sex hormone estrogen will produce twice as large. As is known, the hormone that's good for hair and skin health.

7. Testosterone
Most of the testosterone produced by testes and ovaries. However, small amounts of this hormone produced by the brain. In women, these hormones are rapidly converted to estrogen. While the men, are a key hormone passion, creating a feeling of positive energy and pleasure.

When these hormones are reduced, both men and women, will experience decreased libido. Unfortunately, no testosterone-producing foods. You and your partner only needs to maintain health and vitality of fertility by eating nutritious food, adequate rest, exercising regularly, and do not smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs.

8. Norepinephrine
Found in the adrenal glands above the kidneys, the spinal nerve tissue and the brain, this neurotransmitter plays a very important role in facilitating arousal and orgasm. This hormone gives a sense of excitement in the body by giving her an injection of natural adrenaline, which causes the heart beats faster and blood pressure increase.