Thursday, September 3, 2009

Soraya Abdullah : Former Artist who Suspected Terrorists

The former artist and presenter Soraya Abdullah had claimed to be followers of Abu Jibril for 2 years. This story is told in ustadzah veiled neighbors.

"I've talked to her (Aya), he had joined as Abu Jibril for 2 years," said a driver who works at a neighbor's house Aya, Mr. Abah, when found AFP, Wednesday (2/9/2009).

According to Ang, a former artist who now claimed to be disappearing more pious pilgrims over the Abu Jibril. Even the decision to wear the veil because it inspired teachings took Abu.

"Just shut after he joined Abu fitted in 2007's," said Abah.

When asked about their daily activities Aya, Abah ordinary judge. The former actor in the soap opera queen Medusa Eclipse II, often seen only back and forth to his shop in Tanah Abang Market, Jakpus.

"Shop named Soraya Abdullah, if her husband had never seen," said Abah.

Abu Jibril could not be confirmed about the disappearance of Soraya. When contacted by telephone, Abu Jibril had not commented. He claimed to have been to teach and not be disturbed

Profile :
Popular Name : Soraya Balvas
Other Names : Soraya Abdullah / Aya
Name : Soraya Abdullah Balvas
Place of Birth : Jakarta
Date of Birth : 1976-08-03
Height : 166 cm
Weight : 50 kg
Zodiac : Leo
Profession : Presenter , Model , Actress
Hobbies : reading, traveling

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