Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Top Ten Asian Fitness Women for August

I missed last month's list of the top ten Asian fitness women, so I thought I'd catch up by starting out with it this month.

1. Monique Minton
The undisputed Queen of this blog is Monique Minton.
This gorgeous half Filipino, half Polish fitness model has been number one since March of this year and shows no signs of slacking off.

2. Aki Nishimoto
A distant (but consistent) second is Japanese female bodybuilder Aki Nishimoto.
She's been in the top ten since March and although she hasn't really challenged Monique for the number one slot, she keeps hanging in there.

3. Denise Paglia
A surprise blast from the past, former ESPN beauty Denise went into the top ten last month strong enough to take the number three position.

4. Meriza DeGuzman
Meriza DeGuzman has been featured on this blog twice and she is back into competition, having competed in the 2009 IFBB Europa Super Show & Supplement Expo and the
2009 IFBB California State Pro Figure Championships.

5. Linda Minard
This Korean actress and fitness model came in at number five.

6. Tomoko Kanda
Tomoko Kanda, another Japanese female bodybuilder, came in at number six.

7. Rebekah Kresila
Amateur bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and classical pianist Rebekah Kresila wound up in the numver seven spot.

8. Lisa Cheng
Another consistent top ten lady, bodybuilder and rock climber Lisa Cheng from China, came in at number eight.

9. Mi-Hee Yu
Former aerobics instructor and Korean female bodybuilder Mi-Hee Yu came in at number nine.

10. Natalie Minh
And rounding out the top ten is Vietnamese-American fitness competitor, Natalie Minh.

posted to http://barangabru.blogspot.com/ on September 1st, 2009