Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nia Ramadhani proposed Ardie // Ardie Bakrie ready took Nia to wedding

Ardie Bakrie ready took Nia to wedding

Step toward the aisle seem to have in front of the eyes, for lovers Nia Ramadhani and Ardie Bakrie. Ardie applying seriousness of the event Nia proposal was held at the residence of the parents Nia, Priyatna Ramadhani, on the road. Benda.2 No.9. At the residence of the parents Nia tent was erected to welcome the arrival of Ardie and family.

According Priyatna, to welcome the candidate's daughter, she has prepared a mature program, including preparing special tent since 3 days ago.

"The preparation is almost a week for my child application problems. Maybe we've set up the tents since 3 days ago. The plan at 17.30 from the man's family will come here," explained Priyatna when contacted by at his residence, Saturday (17/10 ).

Events Ardie and Nia application according to the plan will wear traditional Sundanese. Dicky Ramadhani, Nia's brother said, knick-knacks are filled with brown and white skote is a special request of Nia.

"Because we need time to set up the tents, soundsystem, Nia requested that skote brown and white. Customary use is customary Sunda," said Dicky