Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jennifer Dunn was caught because a party drug and sex parties

The case of drugs that ensnared Jennifer Dunn rolling. The young celebrities are now preparing to live her days behind bars Pondok Bambu Prison.

"Yes, now I'm going to stage 2 to Pondok Bambu, pray for it. Hopefully light punishment," said Jennifer.

Furthermore, a beautiful virgin birth was October 10, 1989 tells the preparations to face a new chapter in the development of the case.

"It will be the same friend I dianter. Well not no question (from AGO) is cornering, all the normal course," she said softly. found in the State Attorney West Jakarta, Thursday (10/12), Jennifer then also hoped that if he could wait in the days to live.

"Yes, be patient wrote, I prepare everything. It only takes patience and sincere wrote," added virgin which was mentioned was caught because a party drug and sex parties at her boarding place was.