Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reading Nature of Man in Bed with Phallomancy

Male Sex Organ Reading Called Phallomancy

There are various ways of telling personalities of men. It can be determined through astrology, palm, and face readings, even simple personality tests can give insights depending on the score.But compared to all of these, there is a more specific and accurate method of how to determine a
guy's quality and state of being as a person - through a reading called Phallomancy. An ancient kind of divination practiced in India and Tibet several years ago, and is a very unusual kind of body reading that concentrates on male reproductive organs. It is here where sizes and features of male genitalia provides intuitive perceptions of future life, character, number of children, attitude towards love and relationships, and of course sexual abilities or capacities.

Interpretations of Length:

Guys with long genitalia (over 3.5 inches) depict someone who as a lover, possesses profound skills and imaginations in creating interesting ideas for his relationship. A proud owner of his king-sized equipment, he is a dare devil when it comes to love making. He is always up for new or wild techniques and executes it in a way that he and his partner will enjoy.

Sounds like a promising explanation. But basing on old beliefs thousands of years ago, long genitalia brings a negative kind of vibe. For ancient Hindus it depicts a life surrounded by danger, he will never bear a son, and that he will live a life of poverty. Old Tibetans have split beliefs on this; for them, male genitalia not more than six inches long, may experience a wealthy life and reveal someone who is a good spouse. But if it is way longer, like if it reaches the base of his feet when he crouches, it means bad luck and a life of suffering.

Short genitalia (less than 3 inches) reveals a guy who is idealistic and a mysteriously unusual kind of lover. He may have an unpredictable mood and is quite insensitive, but when he gives his word on something, he will really take it into action to fulfill it. Feeling kind of timid with his pint-sized equipment, this guy is quite reserved and shy when it comes to sex. But the moment he starts to operate he sure can perform.

When we speak of thickness, chunky genitalia depict a person who is decisive with his creative ideas and is ablaze with vigor. For genital organ that's only thickon the base part, it reveals a guy who values his freedom; he wants to be always free from the control and power of another. A
skinny or slender member however, signifies an outspoken guy with a romantic side and likes expressing his love through poetry. He has no problems in speaking boldly about his feelings, an excellent teaser and flirt, and enjoys talking dirty to his partner about how he will please and satisfy her when they make love. A guy having a combination of long and skinny genital feature may reveal someone who is only concerned with his own desires, needs or interests.

As for texture, a guy with a smooth member reveals someone who is at all times, directly apprehended with his partners' feelings. Being a suave type of guy and always at ease with what he perceives, attuning himself to new situations is never a trouble. If a male organ is not smooth all the way, it signifies fickle mindedness and is a difficult lover. However, when it has bumpy surfaces all over, it depicts someone who is careful and shows close attentiveness in avoiding a messed up performance during lovemaking. He has creative strategies and always analyzes what moves to be done in order to make the moment extra special. It's normal for him to hold back during the first few seconds of love making, but after awhile he will get into action and when he does, he is on fire!

Pertaining to the structure of male genitalia, a straight member signifies wealth. If it's slightly slanted to the left it reveals someone who is concerned of what he acquires in matters of love and sex but have no intentions of returning the favor. He is into keeping secrets and when it comes to relationships, he is quite wary of showing his real emotions, not until he is sure that his partner is for real and that he is not being played.

A male sex organ that's slightly curved to the right depicts someone who gives his all when it comes to love and sex. He does everything for his partners' satisfaction and happiness without asking for anything in return. But when it comes to personal secrets, he is so not good in keeping one. His sex and love life is an open topic - he is not afraid to uncover every single detail about it and has no hesitations of asking people about theirs.

An equipment that's bent on the base area reveals someone who is full of insecurities. He is into dwelling about his own sorrows most of the time and always thinks of himself as a victim of injustice. A member that's bent all the way signifies someone who is lascivious. He is into an
excessive indulgence of sexual activity; so much that he doesn't mind doing it with someone else other than his partner, as long as he gets what he wants he's happy. Long and bent depicts someone who can't be trusted with sexual matters. While short and bent reveals one who shows apprehensive uneasiness during sex.

The tip or head of male genitalia may either be bulbous, blunt or pointed. A bulbous tip reveals a guy with a lusty nature and endowed with a fascinating sexual performance. For him, there is a huge distinction between sex and relationship. So if he is giving his all during sex doesn't mean that he is doing the same on his relationship. A guy with a blunt tip means he is someone who is not really into words but more on doing something to express his inner feelings.

Pointed tip reveals a romantic lover who values his independence and seldom yields himself to the authority of his partner. For ancient Hindus, if the head of the member is curved inward or hollow in the middle, it means that his children will all be girls and that he will live a life of scarcity. But if the middle of the head is protruded, it portends a life of abundance specifically an increase in the number of his herd of cows.

Regarding testicular structure, ancient Hindus believe that an equally framed testis foretells kingship; but if it appears uneven, it reveals someone who is crazy about sex. They also consider the scent of seminal fluid meaningful. If it smells sweet as honey, it portends a wealthy life, a salty smell may mean a life of poverty, and if it smells like fish it means he will have a lot of children. As for the time spent on love making, they believe that the shorter the sex, the longer a mans' life would be and that a prolonged one will only lead to an early death.

Pubic hairs also play a role on this reading. If a male member has thick and spreading pubic hair, it signifies a lover with great physical strength. Always eager to know about his lovers' ex-partners and is making sure that he surpasses them all. He may be very competitive in a way but he is just mediocre when it comes to sexual performance. Scanty pubic hair depicts someone who has a more refined performance when it comes to sex. However, his sex drive fluctuates every now and then, so he needs to always be reassured about how good he is in bed to maintain his confidence.