Friday, January 29, 2010

Andi Soraya a hot scene in new film

This movie is an adult horror and the theme of sex, contains hot scenes.

Reviews of Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan

Where this film tells of a large house . At the end, this house was sold by owner because he was always thinking about Putri,his son.

At that time, Putri boyfriend angry because his desire was not fulfilled. Putri was weak because she was menstruating.finally, It makes both of them died because of fights between them.Putri fell from the top floor,and her boyfriend died of affected electricity.

The new owners of new homes this large house was rented house used as a boarding house for a few young men and women. Since then the young men and women who lived in the house was plagued by a ghost. New home owners to bring the shaman to expel the ghosts, but failed.

How is the ending of this movie, Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan ?