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Chisato Mishima - Asian Fitness Beauty

Asian fitness beauty Chisato Mishima was (and as far as I know still is ) the first Japanese aerobic athlete to compete in the IFSB Ms. Fitness and IFBB Ms. Fitness Professional female fitness competitions.
She was born in Nagoya, Japan on November 17, 1967.
Chisato was always big in sports, becoming a Japan national gymnastics champion during high school.
After graduating with a degree in sociology, she moved to Tokyo and became went into teaching fitness training at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.
During the first half of the nineties, she became one of Japan's top aerobic competitors.
Around 1995, she moved to London to compete in the European Ms. Fitness women's fitness competition.
While she was in London, she coached several top English and European bodybuilders and taught aerobics at the famous Earls Court Gym.
Chisato qualified for the World Championships to be held in the U.S. and moved to San Diego in 1997.
After competing there, she visited Nice in the South of France to represent Japan in the Ms. Fitness Olympia.
Upon getting her degree in exercise physiology, Chisato moved back to Nagoya.
Then, after retiring from fitness competition, she became a Jodo Instructor at the Haruyoshi Kobudo Dojo in Nagoya, Japan.
Okay, I didn't misspell Judo there...Jodo is a Japanese martial art using short staffs, similar to bōjutsu.

Here are a couple of videos I found on YouTube of Chisato that were done back in 2006, that were posted by jfkcotter

And here is another (also posted by jfkcotter) called "Chisato Mishima - Introduction by the sea"

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