Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dewi Persik : topless on the show photo session ?

Dewi Persik acknowledge topless photos circulating in cyberspace. The image depicts the goddess let her long hair forward, covering her breasts.

"Yeah, that's my photo. Photos old and I forgot to photograph the year and month," said Dewi Persik.

The owner's full name is the Dewi Muria Agung said she did like the pictures for fun like that. "Yes, make it fun," she said.

But Dewi Persik reluctant to bother. She did not want to know who upload these photos into the virtual world.

"How should I know, but I do not mind. A lot of what I think, rather than thinking about the photograph," she said cool.

Topless photos of Dewi Persik emerged into the virtual world's leading forum since Tuesday, November 23, 2010. In the photo illustrated, Dewi Persik posing without a shirt and two hair falling forward to cover her breasts.

Dewi Persik looked behind former manager, Siska, and a man sitting right next to Dewi Persik, cell phones with cameras pointing towards the 'Goyang Gergaji'.
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