Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lauren Sugihara - Muay Thai Fighter

Lauren Sugihara - muay thai - eurasian - fitness women

This is DJ, model and Muay Thai fighter Lauren Sugihara.
Her DJ name by the way is DJ Ms.Vicious.
Appropriate huh?
Besides DJing modeling and fighting, Lauren was also in the 2007 WWE Diva Search.
Imagine had she won....

Anyway, Lauren's teacher is legendary coach and MMA Zen-master, Clarence Thatch who trained with the Gracies and Bruce Lee.
Thatch's training may have helped save Lauren's life.
You see, Lauren is an alcoholic, and she credits Master Thatch and 3-D Martial Arts' Muay Thai training with helping to lift her up and help her overcome her addiction.

If you wanna see Lauren in action, take a look at this video from YouTube

Lauren Sugihara - Muay Thai Fighter, posted to on January 6th, 2011