Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barbara Reveals Secrets of Love

Giacomo Casanova is perhaps one of the "lovers" the most famous of all time. Personally, he has 122 in her life romance, and they all parties (if we believe what we read).

Casanova seems to have some secret love techniques, and this article will reveal to you below.

When Casanova was arrested by the Inquisition, they found among the papers and volumes Arentino book about sexual positions.

This is a unique dialogue between two women who are wives of people, prostitutes and nuns. They describe their favorite positions and techniques, which no doubt, Casanova utilize it very well.

Casanova sexual techniques, and secrets, not at all confined to the bedroom. Reading through his autobiography (all four volumes), there are general patterns of activities that contribute to success with women.

Secret techniques began when he met his love of women. Routines which he did without disabilities in the implementation and planning, and always successful.

* Learn the woman. How was he dressed? How he introduced himself to the world?
* Give a few small gifts. At the time of Casanova, chocolate (as a beverage) is a romantic and expensive. He would prepare himself for the woman, personally. Several other women will be rewarded with flowers, or hats expensive (very fashionable at the time), or some jewelry that beautify. If you think this does not work, think again.
* Plan for dinner. It is difficult for Casanova to separate the pleasure at the dinner table with bedroom pleasure. He's always going to feed her lover, before another activity if he had the chance.
* To be honest, and dominant. Casanova has always been a real man, take the lead. In concept, women prefer men of this category, and his life show this is true.

Technique above to bring Casanova to the point where he can use the positions mentioned in the Dialogue Agentino (illustrated).

Casanova is an absolute favorite, to be exact.

Side to side, with her legs raised. In this position, leaning Casanova holds his head with one hand, and feet are lifted off with the other woman. He would penetrate from behind, but below, and push firmly. This position is normal for men's large size, and super fun for women. Although there is no clitoral stimulation, there is direct G-spot stimulation and other zones.

The second position is a favorite of Casanova, and is used by women with whom he wants to express his love.

Casanova will sit on the edge of the bed with feet on the floor. She will assume her on top of him, hugging his waist with her legs, her arms around his neck. There was no encouragement. She will be penetrated in this pose to get clitoral stimulation and G-spot and the other in the maximum zone all at the same time. She will be pressed to the maximum penetration, and he will move in a circle and then swaying motion.

For lovers of the world's largest, Casanova uses this technique again and again because they work well.

Do not forget your introduction, not foreplay. All that we read in foreplay is kissing excessive amount, but we can allow our own imagination to tell us what the Master of Love.

The biggest secret in love, is revealed in one comment, namely

"True love is the love that sometimes arises after sensual pleasure:. if not, it is eternal; other types certainly stale, because it lies in mere fantasy "

Buddy, you can learn from Casanova and his legacy still exists!