Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Couple leaked on

Sharing is fun for the couple in love. But, there are little things that are important to you a secret from the him. Never share the lover of some of your ugliness, or taste not like you in the mother pair.

Here are five things you should not tell the him, as quoted from

1. Vice
Do not ever show your bad side in pairs. Including gas at throwing together a lover. Not only a waste of gas, avoid burping at dinner together, all these bad habits can make a pair 'numb' (ilfil) on you. This behavior could surprise him, because many men in the world have always thought, she is graceful and feminine figure.

2. Do not gossip about the secret friend
It's really a bad idea if the theme of the chat that you take is a secret to tell your women friends. Because, friends have been expecting you to maintain that trust. So, keeping their trust is important. And remember when the first date, couples would not like to hear various rumors that do not know about your close friends. Better to do more in the introduction.

3. Password
Unless you both share an email account, or you are married, this may not be a problem. Give her your email password or facebook you can make it continue to investigate. It can make you feel uncomfortable, and its influence will not be good for a healthy relationship.

4. Your distaste for his mother
Many women who do not like the attitude of the prospective in-laws. If you experience this condition, you should not ever show your distaste for his mother. She may feel pressured to choose between you and her mother. Or, even the relationship will be chaotic because the he was overwhelmed by your attitude to her mother. Learn to be patient to face the prospective in-laws.

5. Former lover
Avoid remember your beautiful moments with former lover. And do not ever compare paired with former lover. This will make him feel bored, and even can no longer interested in you.