Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Everyone has a list of resolutions that will run for one year. But do not just beauty, finance and health are made​​, remember also your sex life.

By having sex resolution, you can get a satisfying and enjoyable sex throughout 2011. Here are 5 sex resolution 2011 which could be your consideration with a partner, such as expressed Sheknows:

1. Sex change positions every week
Sexual intercourse can increase the quality of your relationship. But sometimes boring sex. If you want to increase the intensity of sex in 2011, try to change sexual positions each week. Have a favorite sex position escort book and try every week. There are hundreds of sex positions that you can practice with your partner.

2. Do sex in every room
Sex does not have to be done on the bed alone. Try doing sex in every room of your house. Get a different sensation afterwards.

3. Be open about sex
Tell me if you feel comfortable and satisfied with the position of a particular sex. Men love to praise when in action. But do not be afraid to also talk when you feel disappointed because it was not satisfied by the pair, so he will notice and your spouse are not offended by the business she lived.

4. Starting with a sensual touch to your partner
Busyness can sometimes make you and your partner forgot to behave like a romantic first date begins. And being romantic is very useful to make you always feel intimate with a partner. So start to give kisses whenever it affectionately.

5. Make a healthy sexual activity
To improve sex life and your health, you should do exercise, eat healthy foods, and do a healthy diet. You will look more powerful when 'action'.