Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Want to Sleep Asleep, Recognize Variety Type Pillows

Quality of sleep is not only determined from psychological and physical condition, but also bedding. If you spend the night tossing and turning of the body because they feel uncomfortable when sleeping, can be a cushion that is used less precise.

Keith Overland, bone healers United States Olympic team, emphasized the importance of using a pillow to create a neutral spine position during sleep.

Regardless of your position in bed, she reveals the pillow is really important to fill the bottom of the head and neck contours.

He suggested to choose the right pillow under your sleeping position and physical. The right pillow is to hold the head and neck down with a good prop. Here are three types of pillows to choose from.

AirKelebihan pillow water pillow can be adjusted to the wearer's physical condition. Filled only with water, the size of a pillow can be adjusted. The pillow is quite heavy, so be careful, do not immediately draw when moving.

Cervical pillows Pillows are concave in the middle. So hold the head and neck with a good prop. Made from a special foam to the shape of the neck and head of its users. But this pillow Overland warned that retain heat and can be a problem for people who tend to feel hot while sleeping.

Body pillow body pillow is a combination of pillows and bolsters. When embraced by hand and placed between the legs, making the body remain neutral by creating space between the knee and reduce pain in the lower back. Put a pillow under your knees, can get the same effect. (Sj)