Monday, April 25, 2011

Woman in Golf

Golf is an outdoor game played by individuals or teams compete to enter the ball into the holes in the field with a number of blows little possible. Hit a golf ball through a set of club called club (golf clubs). Golf is one of the games that do not have a standard game field, but played on the golf course, which each have a unique design and typically consists of 9 or 18 holes (holes). The main rules of golf is "playing a ball with a golf club from the tee area (teeing ground) into the hole with one stroke or several strokes in accordance with the rules the next. "

Sports golf is played on a specially designed area. Land is usually called a golf course or golf course (golf course). A golf course has a number of holes (hole) which generally consists of 9 holes or 18 holes.

First punch starts from the teeing ground. The first blow is called teeing shot. Grass on the teeing ground well cared for. After the first punch, the player hitting the ball longer than the last ball position after the first punch. The ball can land in the fairway or the rough. The grass in the fairway is cut short so the ball easier to hit. While in the rough, the grass is longer than in the fairway so the ball difficult to hit. Players continue hitting until the ball into the hole (hole or cup). Each hole has only one hole.

Each hole typically has obstacles or hazards. Obstacles consisted of two kinds, namely: water obstacles such as rivers or lakes, and bunkers (bunkers) in the form of sand basin.